I’ll help you take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy. If you’re just starting out, it’s hard to know where to begin and it can feel overwhelming. I hear ya! I like to listen to your marketing needs and business objectives, work with you to develop a strategy, and execute ninja-style – effective and efficient, but still allowing for flexibility as your business grows and want to try out new strategies.

Before I went all #BossLady and started my own company to help small businesses and fellow entrepreneurs, I’m proud to have worked at such companies as MillerCoors and Milwaukee Film. I thrive on project management, execution, and creative solutions.

As a Milwaukee native, I worship my connections in the Milwaukee community and like to leverage  whenever possible, whether it’s vendors, fellow business owners, or possible partners. After all it’s all about collaboration vs. competition in #Smallwaukee.

When not working with clients, you can find me training for a marathon, binge watching Schitt’s Creek, listening to the latest Amy Porterfield podcast, and staying in the know about all things Milwaukee. I live for coffee in the morning with my cat Lucifer, Bel Air dinners with my hubby, walking all over downtown Milwaukee, and nutritional yeast on my popcorn.

If we work together, you can expect a casual, yet professional relationship, email updates on Wednesdays, communications ending in “Cheers,” and if we really work well together, you’ll grow to love my sarcastic humor.